Vulcan to the sky

Avro Vulcan & Kempston Controls Take To The Sky

At the start of the year, Kempston Controls partnered with Eaton to provide the Vulcan to the Sky Trust with a donation of rare fuses which are essential to keep Vulcan XH558 airworthy. The Bussmann 059-0125 and 011-9127 fuses are used in the flying control motor circuits and are susceptible to fatigue due to the […]

Battery Storage Fuse Links– Protecting the Power

Eaton Bussmann Battery Storage Fuse Links have been designed to safely protect battery storage systems with high DC voltages and low fault currents.

Panel Essentials

Panel Essentials from Kempston Controls

Panel Essentials, our very own brand of electrical components that you need to ensure your electrical equipment never lets you down.

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Fuses – A Closer Look #3

To safely install fuses in an electrical network you will require a suitable device retainer such as a CAMaster, or Red Spot fuse holder or your traditional UK domestic plug.

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Fuses – A Closer Look #2

High-speed fuses are thermal, current-controlled devices utilised for protecting semiconductor electrical circuits from short-circuits.

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Fuses – A Closer Look #1

Fuses come in all shapes and sizes and for a myriad of applications. We take a closer look at some of the more popular varieties, what they do, how they work and what fuse does what.