Social Distancing Monitoring with the Aura

Maintaining an adequate social distance has been the mantra from scientists and governments alike in all corners of the world to help contain the spread of Covid-19. Humans are not known for having 360 degree vision or the ability to hear people walking up behind them whilst wearing ear defenders in a noisy environment, so maintaining the necessary social distance can be an issue. Trumeter, who design and manufacture sophisticated measuring devices created a solution, the Aura Social Distancing Monitor.

Wear are the Other People?

Designed to tackle the challenge of social distancing the Aura Social Distancing Monitor allows group of people to maintain a recommended distance apart from each other wherever they may be. Using ultra-wide broadband to ensure complete accuracy, this unit sits comfortably on the wrist which avoids the inaccuracy problems associated with lanyard based devices.

This lightweight wrist-worn unit, which is made of silicone and durable plastic, alerts users to increase their distance when in range of another wearer through a combination of vibration, alarm and a flashing LED. The Aura is suitable for a wide range of purposes and occasions to helps wearers maintain a set social distance. This innovative device can run for up to 12 hours on a single charge and is easily configurable to trigger from 0.5 to 3.0 metres and is compliant with ROHS and CE/FCC certified.

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Aura Personal Proximity Sensor Features

Multiple Alert Methods

The Aura is worn on the wrist and alerts the wearer when another Aura is within the set distance through vibration, a flashing LED and sound.

Long Battery Life

Each Aura device provides 12 hours of use from one 2.5 hour charge and features LED battery status indicators, Low power ultra-wide broadband technology. Micro-USB charging cable included.


Aura can be configured to maintain distances of 0.5-3.0 metres (1.5 to 10 feet) between wearers, can easily be reconfigured to other distances.

Easy to Clean

Durable lightweight silicon wrist strap and plastic face is easy to disinfect with anti-bacterial wipes or spray, IP54 rated.

social distancing with Aura

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