Social Distancing – How many people are in the shop?

There is no doubt that as many stores begin to tentatively reopen after lockdown restrictions, there is still a need to restrict the number of people entering their premises. In the UK it was firstly a social distance ruling of 2 metres, which has recently been revised to 1 metre as restrictions were eased.  Ultimately this means there is still a need to regulate the number of persons entering a store, and as many of us will have experienced this process which typically consists of a few members of staff monitoring people entering the store and comparing that with those marching through the exit using manual counters or perhaps guesstimation.

Monitoring Access

Particularly for smaller businesses having a dedicated people counter stationed at the entry point of the store is an expensive commodity, and as outlined above a cumbersome and subjective process for most. Faced with such a dilemma a small store called Luxury Bubble, a ladies fashion shop based in Fordingbridge, in the heart of the New Forest was looking for a bespoke solution.

Luxury Bubble’s owner, Sian Currie, started thinking about how she could apply social distancing measures more easily. Floor markings and signs can help control browsing and queuing inside the shop, but from the outside it isn’t easy to tell how many customers are already inside. As Luxury Bubble is a smaller business with only a few employees, there isn’t always a spare staff member available to monitor who is entering and leaving the shop.

What’s the Social Distancing Solution?

There had to be a technical answer, something to automate the counting process which placed less demands on the staff working there, after some research Sian came across Lascar Electronics a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced customisable panel displays, data loggers and sensory products.


The answer to Luxury Bubble’s people counting conundrum came in the form of a PanelPilotACE Intelligent Display, PanelPilotACE software and the People Counter App, assembled together with a few easily obtainable components. Once installed at the entrance the number of people going in and out could be monitored without the need for staff interaction and the high-resolution screen clearly updating the customers waiting outside when it was safe to enter and when they should wait.

Counting the People

The People Counter application, which is available for free from Lascar, will suit most single door entry properties. Staff can set the maximum number of people to be allowed into the premises, and also set a delay between entries so that safe distances are maintained.

social distancing people counter app

Sian has this to say about the about her product solution – ’During and post pandemic, it’s vital that we maintain strict social distancing rules in the shop and maintain optimum customer numbers for the safety of my employees and my customers. Being able to do that electronically rather than manually is just one more way we can make this new retail normal a little less stressful and safer.’

Luxury Bubbles installation – People Counter system primary parts

If you are a business struggling to balance the maintenance of social distancing in your store while ensuring staff members are not wasting time and effort monitoring visitors then a solution such as the Lascar PanelPilot Range could be ideal. Kempston Controls is a Lascar supplier partner, with access to their entire product range, call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at to see how we can help you find the perfect access monitoring product solution.

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