Bticino from Legrand, Audio-Video Access with Classe

Video and audio door entry systems have been available for a while now and their use is growing helped by the rapid increase in high-speed internet and the ever-increasing ability of Smartphones and tablets. Is there an easy way to install a secure video and audio access system in an existing property, or even a new-build without having to spend excessive amounts of time and money tearing our existing wiring and installing Ethernet networks and new cables?

There is a way!

The Bticino Door Entry Kit Ranges from Legrand offer the security of property access control with ready-to-install Video and Audio Door Entry Kits.  Whether you are planning on an installation for a single property, or an entire apartment complex of factory, the Bticino is the ideal choice. Simple two-wire technology means that installation is as easy as fitting a traditional doorbell, with no Ethernet network configuration required these entry kits are perfect for new-builds and existing installation upgrades where the cabling already exists. One-way initially, these easy-to-install door entry kits can easily be converted to a 2-way system by purchasing an optional internal video/audio unit giving you the ability to see as well as speak to your visitors prior to allowing them entry.

Easy Access Control

Easy to install and feature-packed, with 7-inch and or 5-inch colour LCDs, or audio-only (model dependant), with physical keys for answering calls and additional configurable touch keys for functions such as door release, intercom and hands-free.

Bticino door entry snapshot

Depending on the choice of kit, up to 20 proximity key fobs can be used that open the electrically locked door release, easing the management of building access to employees. The more advanced door entry kits are taking things to the next level, Wi-Fi enabled they allow the monitoring of access points from anywhere in the world via the downloadable App allowing you to monitor and respond to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Classe 300 and 100 Audio/Video Interface Features:

  • 7-inch colour LCD (300 Series), 5-inch colour LCD (100 Series)
  • WiFi connectivity – manage your device remotely via an App (Classe 300X, 100X models)
  • Built-in answering machine with call audio/video memory (300 series only)
  • Wide-angle colour camera or standard colour camera (model dependant)
  • Physical keys for answer/call & configurable touch keys for door release/lock and video
  • Allocate up to 20 proximity key fobs for electric door lock release (model dependant)
  • Ingress protection IP 54, Mechanical protection rating IK 10

Whatever your budget and installation requirements there is a Legrand  Bticino Audio and Video Door Entry System to meet your needs. Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for Legrand has access to their entire range of Bticino door entry systems. Whatever your secure access requirements, give Kempston Controls a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your audio and video door entry system needs.

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