Eaton Smartwire-DT

Increase Productivity with the Eaton SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT, is an ultramodern control panel wiring technology permitting electrical installations to be planned, designed, wired, tested and commissioned considerably quicker than conventional methods.

SmartWire-DT optimises control panel functionality and reduces associated costs

Eaton Moeller SmartWire-DT
Eaton Moeller SmartWire-DT

Revolutionary SmartWire-DT connection technology is utilised to reduce complications by replacing conventional circuit wiring with a single ribbon cable. SmartWire is a unique connection solution for control panels and simplifies connection to external pilot and measurement devices. SmartWire-DT “green” flat 8 pole ribbon cable within enclosures and “green” round 8 pole cable to external products.

SmartWire v Traditional Panel
Above is an example (on the right) of a SmartWire panel installation compared to the traditional wiring method. 

System Benefits of SmartWire-DT

  1. Lean Connectivity
  • No point to point wiring
  • Plug connectors to devices
  • Combined data and power cable
  • Reduced effort and expense! For wiring, test and commissioning by up to 85%
  1. Lean Power
  • Data transparency from the controller to the sensor/actuator
  • Actual current and energy consumption values of motors and plant
  • Enhancement of system availability
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Fast diagnostics and simple maintenance
  1. Lean Automation
  • I/O level of the PLC becomes part of the switchgear and is eliminated
  • Simple, linear automation structures
  • Automatic addressing of devices
  • Common Software platform
  • Ideal for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory Installations
  • Reduced project engineering. By up to 70%

Intelligent wiring solutions can streamline connection and communication inside and outside control panels. They help machine and system builders to design their applications quicker and more compact with lower costs.

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