ABB A Range

A modern option for the classic ABB series A, AE and AL block contactors

The well-known legacy ’A’ series of 3 and 4 pole block contactors are moving steadily toward retirement with the initial phase-out beginning in the early 2000, the phase-out accelerated in 2011. Originally introduced as a similar option for the ASEA B series, the A series became popular when ASEA and ABB amalgamated.

With a wide range of options available the A series were generally supplied as conventional block contactors for A.C. operated coils, the AE versions, fitted with standard double wound D.C. coils and the AL versions typically fitted with low consumption D.C. coils. Aside from the main range, there were other additions for specific utilisation purposes such as the TAL or TAE ranges which, for instance, had a wide coil operating voltage range for traction applications.

The mentioned legacy ranges can all be replaced with a single series: the AF family.
AF 3-Pole Contactors

Modern Motor Protection and Control

Introduced in 2015 the AF family have established themselves as a modern industrial benchmark and after both the 3 and 4 pole ranges underwent a final upgrade, they became the driving force in a continuing development program.

Reduce inventory costs & 80% less power consumption

Products are suitable for use in all parts of the world

Four AC/DC coils cover all standard operating voltages


The ‘AF’ family benefits from having four common A.C/D.C coil voltages which cover all the standard operating voltages, built-in surge suppression with a wide range of connection possibilities.

Main Features

  • Up to 560 kW – 400 V AC-3 IEC, 900 hp – 480 V UL/ CSA, plus 2650 A – 690 V AC-1 IEC, 2700 A UL/CSA-general use
  • 4 coils cover 24 V – 500 V AC and 20 V – 500 V DC
  • Screw, push-in spring and ring terminal connectivity
  • Built-in surge suppression, no additional protection required

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The future for the Legacy ‘A’ Contactor and the associated accessories.

While there is a small proportion of accessories, the majority of spares and accessories have been run down due to either a shortage of components or increased demand. In particular, popular spares such as operating coils, surge suppressors and pneumatic timer blocks, are no longer available.

Although technically both the legacy A range and the new AF range are similar, they are physically different and accessories are not interchangeable. This is particularly important where star-delta starters or reversing starters containing mechanical interlocking is employed.

Due to the nature of the upgrade, there is sufficient time for those still using the legacy ‘A’ series to familiarise themselves with the ‘AF’ family and begin to make adequate preparations for the future phase-out.

Here at Kempston Controls, we will continue to stock the legacy ranges until they become depleted. We do however suggest that it would be in the interest of anyone utilising the legacy A range to prepare themselves for the future by being aware of the new ‘AF’ family.

To ensure that compatibility issues concerning the new AF range are addressed, please call our Technical Help desk for essential product information and to advise the most suitable upgrade. Our friendly team is reachable via phone: 01933 411411 or through email:

For reference please see below the current status of the current AF series and previous models.

Blue is Active Range
Yellow is Classic
Black is Obsolete

Please note that ranges in the Classic Ranges may not have all coil voltages available. To discuss your requirements please contact our technical team

AC3 Stromberg BBC Asea Asea ABB ABB ABB ABB ABB
KW @ 400V Amps 1992 1985 1979 1991 1996 1998> 1999/2001> 1st Gen AF 2013>
4 9 B9 EG10 EH9C B9 A9 AF09
5.5 12 OK00W B12 EH12C B12 A12 AF12
7.5 16 OK0W B16 EH17C B16 A16 AF16
11 25 OK01W B25 EG20 EH22C B26 A26 AF26
15 30 OK1W B30 EH32C B30 A30 AF30
18.5 37 OK1.5W EG30 EH40C B40 A40 AF38 / AF40
22 50 OK02W B45 EH45C B50 A50 AF50 AF52
25 50 OKYM45W A50 AF50 AF52
30 65 OKYM63W B60 EG40 EH65 B63 A63 AF63 AF65
37 75 B72 EG65 EH75 B75 A75 AF75 AF80
45 96 OKYM75W B85 EH80/90 A95 AF95 AF96
55 110 OKYM90W EG80 EH100 EH100 A110 AF110 AF116
75 145 OKYM110W B105 EH145 EH145 EH145 A145 AF145 AF140
90 185 OKYM150W EH150 EH175 EH175 A185 AF185 AF190
110 210 OKYM175W B170 EG160 EH160 EH210 EH210 A210 AF210 AF205
140 260 OKYM200W B250 EH260 EH260 A260 AF260 AF265
140 260 OKYM250W EH250 EH260 A260 AF260 AF265
160 305 EH300 EH300 A300 AF300 AF305
220 370 OKYM315W B370 EG315 EH370 EH370 EH370 AF400 AF370
220 400 OKYM400W EH370 AF400 / AF460 AF370
315 550 OKYM500W B460 EH550 EH550 EH550 AF580 AF580
400 700 OKYM630W EG630 EH700 EH700 EH700 AF750 AF750
425 750 EH800 EH800 EH800 AF750 AF750

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