Schmersal SLC/SLG 440 IP69K Light Curtains – Dependability in the Extreme

Light curtains can be found in many industrial and commercials applications, from protecting employees from injury by monitoring their position to helping to maintain traffic flow in a car park. Schmersal has developed a new type of light curtain product, one that is extremely tough and durable yet is perfectly suited for hygiene sensitive areas such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries and anywhere where dirt and liquid ingress could damage a standard light curtain solution.

Food Safe and Industrial Applications

The new SLC/SLG 440 IP69K has been designed to withstand the rigours of life within industries that demand that their sensory solution is either food safe or as hardwearing as possible and perhaps both. Constructed with V4A Stainless steel end caps, advanced sealing technology and impact resistant transparent polycarbonate protection tubes surrounding the light curtain. These environmental countermeasures ensure that not only are these light curtains designed to withstand daily exposure to high-pressure steam, foam, hot steam, alkali solutions and high-pressure jets but they can also withstand serious impact too. And at only 50mm in diameter, they are suitable for areas where a compact safety light curtain is essential.

Some of the SLC/SLG 440 IP69k Light Curtain Features:

  • Protected against high-pressure water ingress, alkali, steam, Impact and shock resistant, food safe, IP69k Rated
  • Operating modes: Protective mode/automatic, restart interlock (manual reset)
  • Functions: Contactor control, Blanking objects, Muting, Cyclic function, Beam Coding, Double confirmation/reset, Setting mode
  • LED illuminated endcap indicates status and an integrated 7-segment display shows error codes and flashing signals to report faults and problems
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC ± 10%, Switching capacity OSSD 500mA
  • Standard Compliance:  ISO 13849-1, EN62061

Exceeding Expectations

These Active Opto-electronic Protection Devices (AOPD) have been created to meet and exceed the very stringent standards demanded by many modern industrial environments. The robust designed ensures that should they be struck by cleaning lances during a clean-down cycle or are hit by a pump truck, trolley or other transport media they will continue to function. The SLC/SLG 440 IP69K light curtains are designed to last with their performance and resistance to workplace abuse verified and independently tested by the world-renowned Ecolab Testing Laboratory.

Ultra-tough, these extreme environment light curtains also include a host of essential functions, such as double confirmation, contactor control and integrated beam blanking, this allows objects to be moved through the detectors protection field without triggering a stop signal. Cleverly, the SLC/SLG 440 IP69K series also features a dirt detector, whereby a visual message is displayed to alert the operator that the sensor reception signal is weakening, the operator can then take the appropriate action before the process comes to an unscheduled stop.

For when a tough industrial situation calls for a demanding light curtain solution, look no further than the Schmersal SLC/SLG 440 IP69k range.

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