Series UC18GS with IO-Link

Pepperl+Fuch UC18GS Series with IO-Link: State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Sensors

Pepperl+Fuch’s new UC18GS series of ultrasonic sensors combine the advantages of ultrasonic technology with powerful features to create a solution that pushes the technological boundaries to meet virtually any application challenge.

Flexible and future-proof, the UC18GS is well equipped to tick all imaginable boxes and combines everything you would expect from a standard ultrasonic sensor with modern technology. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this compact sensor is up for any task and can adapt to any environment, program or setting.

UC18GS with IO-Link

UC18GS with IO-Link Top Highlights

  • Adjustable sound beam width
  • Interference target suppression
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Small dead bands
  • IO-Link for easy setup
  • Extensive programming options

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UC18GS Series: one compact sensor, a multitude of applications

Using modern technological capabilities, the UC18GS series will optimise your application. With functionalities such as interference target suppression, adjustable sound beam width, automatic synchronisation, small dead bands, IO-Link, infrared interface, and push buttons, the UC18GS series offers an unparalleled range of features and adjustment options all in a single device.

UC18GS series: Interference Target Suppression

Interference Target Suppression

With built-in interference target suppression, the UC18GS ultrasonic sensor range adapts to the application settings to optimise and increase process reliability. The intelligent suppression is capable of detecting precisely even if a suppressed component is in the target range.  What’s more, any possible interference from other machine parts can easily be suppressed using the integrated software without affecting everyday use.

UC18GS series: Adjustable Sound Beam Width

Adjustable Sound Beam Width

Thanks to the small dead band and adjustable sound beam width, the UC18GS ultrasonic sensor is able to perform without faults in a range of applications. To ensure precise and accurate measurements, the sound beam can be adjusted and narrowed without affecting the range. Perfect for installation to your existing application!

UC18GS series: Automatic Synchronisation

Automatic Synchronisation

Often when using several sensors in close proximity they interfere with each other; this, however, is no problem for the UC18GS series. Equipped with an automatic synchronisation feature, the UC18GS range can easily sync with multiple sensors without parameterisation. Using their synchronisation input up to 10 sensors can be synchronised together. The UC18GS range has 3 different synchronisation modes: common, multiplex or externally triggered.

Extensive Programming Options

Extensive Programming Options

Whether it’s traditional pushbuttons or interfaces like IO-Link or IrDA, the UC18GS range of ultrasonic sensors gives the user a wide range of programming choices. While IrDA interfaces can provide live data access for maintenance or analysis purposes, IO-Link provides easy setup and allows detailed configuration for any application. The output configuration, as well as the sound beam width can be set directly on the sensor using the programming buttons.

In addition, the IO-Link interface allows for seamless integration into Industry 4.0 applications.

Series UC18GS: One Technology—Limitless Versatility

No two applications are the same with each providing its own unique demands on a sensor. Designed to be highly robust and technologically advanced, the UC18GS is perfect for complex tasks in any environment, whether that’s the detection and identification of objects or filling levels.

Adaptable Level Measurement in Confined Spaces

The UC18GS series can reliably detect the fill level of liquids and granules, regardless of colour or other physical properties. With the adjustable cone-shaped sound beam width, even a small opening in the tank cap is suitable for installation.

In the case of irregular or moving surfaces, the sensor determines an average value and thus indicates the actual level —instead of a potentially distorted punctual value. Objects such as support struts in the measuring field are suppressed by software (PACTware) to reduce interference and to return precise results. Regardless of the sound beam radius, the range of the UC16GS series is not affected and the level is always reliably detected.

Fail-Safe Bottle Detection in Filling Machines

Ideal for reliably detecting the presence of bottles in the end positions on a production line, the UC18GS series can detect an object with varying contours and position deviations. Instead of taking a point-by-point measurement, the sound beam hits the surface of the container over a wide area making its shape, colour and texture irrelevant. The physical buttons on the UC18GS series mean the output configuration and the sound beam radius can be set with ease.

With the IO-Link interface, comprehensive parameters can be set via the controller without physical access to the sensor. This leads to faster commissioning time and removes the need for re-parameterisation if the sensor needs to be changed.

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