From Home Audio and Door Entry Kits to Industrial Power Sockets – Legrand makes them all!

Legrand is renowned for their product innovation, with a vast range of products from the humble domestic power socket to top of the range Wi-Fi enabled audio systems and video/audio door entry kits, Legrand manufactures a huge variety of top-of-the-range devices and equipment.

Over the coming year, we will be enhancing our Legrand offer to include some great innovative product ranges. In this short article, we take a quick look at what you can expect to find featured in our offer during 2020. If you can’t find a particular product on our website, give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or send us an email at and we will do our best to find it for you at the best possible price.


Hypra Prisinter – Interlocked Switched Surface and Panel Mount Power Sockets.

industrial power sockets

When an industrial power socket solution with a built-in load-break button is needed then the Hypra Prisinter series delivers! Designed to take hard knocks the Hypra Prisinter series is available in 16, 32, and 63 Amp ratings and in all the colours, voltage and pole options you would expect from an industrial power supply socket.

Built-in Protection

With surface mount and panel mount versions, the built-in interlocked load-break button and turn to lock mechanism the Prisinter series of industrial power sockets is a step above the competition when it comes to power delivery, robustness and safety.

Technical Specifications

  • 16A, 32A and 63A – plastic and metal surface and panel mount versions
  • Combined socket and load-break switch, saving space, cost and installation time
  • Unique interlocked load-break system prohibits on load connection or disconnection for maximum safety
  • Usual colours and Poles: 2P + Earth, 3P + Earth and 3P + N + Earth
  • Padlockable cover for added security
  • Approvals BS EN 60309-1, BS EN 60309-2

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Bticino Classe 300 and 100 Video/Audio Door Entry Kits

door entry kits

The Bticino One-Way Door Entry Kit ranges from Legrand offer the security of property access control with ready-to-install video and audio door entry kits. Simple two-wire technology means that installation is as easy as fitting a traditional doorbell, perfect for new-builds and existing installation upgrades. These one-way kits can easily be converted to a 2-way system by purchasing an additional internal video/audio unit.

Access Control

Easy to install and feature-packed, with 7-inch and or 5-inch colour LCDs, or audio-only (model dependant), with physical keys for answering calls and additional configurable touch keys for functions such as door release, intercom and hands-free.

Depending on the choice of kit, up to 20 proximity key fobs can be used that open the electrically locked door release, easing the management of building access to employees. The more advanced door entry kits are taking things to the next level, Wi-Fi enabled they allow the monitoring of access points from anywhere in the world via the downloadable App.


Classe 300 and 100 Audio/Video Interface Features:

  • 7-inch colour LCD (300 Series), 5-inch colour LCD (100 Series)
  • WiFi connectivity – manage your device remotely via an App (Classe 300X, 100X models)
  • Built-in answering machine with call audio/video memory (300 series only)
  • Wide-angle colour camera or standard colour camera (model dependant)
  • Physical keys for answer/call & configurable touch keys for door release/lock and video
  • Allocate up to 20 proximity key fobs for electric door lock release (model dependant)
  • Ingress protection IP 54, Mechanical protection rating IK 10


NuVo Multi-Zone and Single Zone Audio Players and Speakers

Nuvo home audio

For true listening freedom within the home Legrand has created the NuVo Range, providing powerful high-fidelity audio for every room. Created with the professional audio installer in mind, this powerful range of single and multi-zone, wired or wireless audio players and speakers makes it easy to construct a unified audio system whatever the customer’s expectations.

Music everywhere

Tabletop speakers and wireless single or zoned players can all be connected to a wireless network, accessing iTunes, internet radio or any of the huge variety of streaming services that are on offer. Easily expandable, it’s easy to add other players and speakers wherever there is network access providing the freedom to bring music to every corner of a home. Wired installation options are also available.

Wi-Fi enabled, using the Nuvo Player App its simplicity itself to quickly and easily set up the sound system and manage music libraries from an unlimited number of sources. Browse by song, album, genre and artist and easily control every zone or sync the zones together to play just one song. Whatever your customers multi-room audio requirements the Nuvo Range caters for every need.


Smarther – The Connected Thermostat

connected thermostat

This innovative Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, part of Legrand’s Arteor range, allows a user to adjust and monitor room temperature precisely and accurately from any location as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. Using the dedicated App, it’s simple and intuitive to program the Smarther’s temperature monitoring and control function parameters and also displays the locations current temperature and humidity.

Connected Temperature Control

Of course, the App isn’t essentials as the temperature level can be set locally manually and the Boost function can be easily activated. The Boost function forces the switching on of the system for a limited time (30, 60 or 90 minutes) independent of the measured and programmed temperature. Stylish and dependable the Smarther Connected Thermostat is easy to install and is available in surface or flush mounting versions.


Synergy Power Socket Range

legrand synergy sockets

If you are looking for a range of stylish and functional power sockets the Synergy range from Legrand offers consumers countless features while maintaining ease of use and installation. Ideal for any domestic or office-based installation the Synergy range is a step-above the average 13 Amp plug socket with models featuring USB-A and Type-C options to meet all modern technologies high-speed charging requirements

The Ultimate Plug Socket

The high-quality finish of the Synergy range is reflected in the choice of components and their design through to their overall ease of installation. The range options include surface mounting boxes that maximise wiring space, with large angled terminal entries with backed off screws and clear laser marked terminals.

The Synergy range includes 5 styles and finishes:

  • Synergy White – the all-purpose classic look
  • Authentic – a full metal finish with proven quality
  • Sleek – slim profile and clean lines
  • Metalclad – sturdy and durable
  • Grid – for flexibility with multiple functions and finishes

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Alpharex Digital Programmable Time Switches

Electronic timer

If you need to precisely control the on/off operating period of an electrical circuit, such as heating or lighting systems, then you need a timer switch. The Alpharex range of DIN rail mount programmable digital timer switches from Legrand has been designed to help save energy, reduce electricity costs and with their fast set-up make life that little bit easier.

Multiple Timing Options

Simple to program using the keypad or a PC via Legrand’s dedicated software and USB key, its quick and easy to create timing schedules programs, back them up and share them with other Alpharex timers. With a comprehensive offering of digital timer options, removable LCD programmable module, multichannel outputs and up to 56 programs the Alpharex range have all possible digital timing requirements covered.

All of the timers feature the same removable LCD command module design with common buttons and standardised text, built-in PIN security code locking and EEPROM memory back-up.


  • High-resolution LCD with backlight and standardised text
  • Clock precision +/- 0.1 second per day
  • Automatic daylight savings time switching
  • Cycle and holiday programming
  • Removable module for easy programming
  • DIN rail mounting

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