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Introducing the Terra AC Wallbox from ABB

With electric vehicles expected to make up for 57% of global passenger car sales by 2040, the need for smarter charging facilities is only growing. ABB, pioneers in electric vehicle infrastructure, have until now only used their Terra products for DC charging stations, but now they have expanded the range to include the Terra AC Wallbox for charging electric cars at home.

Did you know? A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.*

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ABB’s Terra AC Wallbox is designed to meet the surge in demand for quality yet affordable charging in homes and businesses and can even utilise a customer’s green energy, such as solar power. The Terra AC Wallbox is also equipped with an energy meter that can be integrated into intelligent building energy management systems and enables advanced load management functions.

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With a broad range of connectivity options, the Terra AC Wallbox can be configured and updated via a dedicated app or remotely via the cloud. This provides a lot of flexibility and minimises the need for onsite engineers to maximise uptime and efficiency.

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Please note that models: TAC-W22-T-RD-M-0, TAC-W22-T-RD-MC-0, TAC-W7-T-RD-MC-0 will be available from November.

Terra AC

Terra AC Wall Top Features:

High-value quality

  • A broad range of connectivity options including WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet
  • Space-saving design enables seamless installation on a wall or pedestal, which can accommodate two chargers back-to-back
  • With multiple connectors available, Terra AC Wallbox is compatible with the majority of electric vehicles
  • Dustproof and water-resistant to IP54, IK10

Future proof flexibility

  • Future-ready with simple software updated via the user app
  • Simplified authentication via either RFID or the App provides flexibility for public-use applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with ABB’s complementary building automation solutions

Safety and protection

  • Evaluated and tested by an independent third party to meet the highest standards
  • Current limiting protection allows maximum charging power without nuisance tripping
  • Integrated ground fault and overvoltage protection protects both user and car

Available in up to 22kW variants which ensures compatibility with electrical systems across the world, the Terra AC Wallbox offers a safe, smart and sustainable charging solution.

ABB is a world leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, offering the full range of charging and electrification solutions for electric cars, electric and hybrid buses as well as ships and railways. Kempston Controls, as a brand partner, has access to their entire range. Get in touch today on 01933 4114111 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to see how we can support your application.

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Please note that models: TAC-W22-T-RD-M-0, TAC-W22-T-RD-MC-0, TAC-W7-T-RD-MC-0 will be available from November.

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* How long does it take to charge an electric car? From Pod Point

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