ABB A Range

A modern option for the classic ABB series A, AE and AL block contactors

The well-known legacy ’A’ series of 3 and 4 pole block contactors are moving steadily toward retirement with the initial phase-out beginning in the early 2000, the phase-out accelerated in 2011. Originally introduced as a similar option for the ASEA B series, the A series became popular when ASEA and ABB amalgamated. With a wide […]

Quick-Guard ABB Fencing

Quick(!)-Guard your assembly lines and hazardous areas.

Designed to be flexible, the Quick-Guard fencing system is ideal for a variety of applications from machine enclosures to preventing access to hazardous areas. Consisting of different components, such as aluminium profiles, patented assembly parts, netlocks, mesh, solid or noise reduction panels the Quick-Guard system can be tailored to meet any requirement. Thanks to ABB’s […]