Santon FCS

Switching Superiority with the S-Type FCS From Santon

Introducing the S-Type Fused Combination Switch from Santon, a modular built AC/DC switch with sideways decks. The S-Type FCS is suitable for a wide range of applications and is perfect for shallow enclosures. The FCS-Type Switch has superior performance with AC22 and AC23 ratings and can be used for fused or non-fused switching.

When it comes to safety the S-Type FCS Switch can be used for either fused or non-fused switching and includes a safety handle which ensures it has been safely turned off when opening the enclosure.

Highlights of the S-Type FCS:Santon FCS S-Type

  • TP, TPN, TPSN pole configurations
  • Accommodate BS88 HRC fuse-links
  • Comply with BS EN 60947-3
  • Operating handles provide IP54 protection
  • Clear ON / OFF indication
  • Door interlocking is also provided for by the handle
  • Padlocks may be fitted in the OFF position
  • Moulded handles up to 400A, cast metal has a higher rating
  • Fuse links not fitted but available from Kempston Controls separately
  • 32A up to 800A
  • ASTA certified
  • 6 different frame sizes suitable for various amperage ranges and modular deck assembly

Specifications of the S-Type FCS:FCS Type Specs

  • Polycarbonate inter-phase shields
  • Fixed contacts
  • 100A-800A terminations are provided with bolts for easy attachment of cable lugs or solid copper connections
  • Polycarbonate snap-fastening connection barriers
  • Manually independent over centre spring switching mechanism
  • Contact system provides four breaks in series per phase
  • Moving contacts
  • Fully interlocked rotary action operating the handle
  • Choice of switched or solid neutrals
  • Positive contact indicator shows the contact position with the door open


The Santon FCS-Type Brochure can be found here.

Who are Santon?
Originally formed in 1900, Santon started building electrical water heaters but found themselves without electrical switches. After researching possible solutions, the company found they had to use the concept of a rotary switch and opted for a packet switch which is now known to be a superior concept to switch off DC Current. After various takeovers and changes to the business, the company moved to Holland with a UK subsidiary in Newport.

Santon is the only UK supplier of tinned contacts for Fused Combination Switches.

As a member of the Rail Alliance, Santon collaborates with customers and suppliers to improve and innovate products within the rail supply chain.

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for Santon, is the place to come to for all of your fuse combination switch requirements, we can supply you with any fuse combination switch you need for your next installation. Please give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 to discuss your fuse combination switch requirements.


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