Position Monitoring – Non-Contact Inductive Proximity Safety Switches

Proximity Sensors are found in all manner of industrial and commercial applications, including where metal components must be in the correct location for safe machine tending, automated robotic welding and assembly, skid or bin positioning and wrapping, etc. Position monitoring is essential and the undeniable practicality of Inductive Proximity Safety Sensors and their use in multiple industries is a testament to their effectiveness and reliability.

The IME2S Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Safety Switch range from SICK have been designed for easy non-contact position monitoring in industrial and commercial installations up to the safety requirements of PL d (EN ISO 13849).

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These versatile Cylindrical Inductive Safety Sensors have been designed to deliver a compact, wear-free device that is easy to integrate into industrial installations without the need for a separate actuator. Using inductive sensing principles to enable non-contact detection of metal objects, the IP67-rated IME2S Sensors ensure high-machine availability, even in dusty and very wet industrial working environments.

Versatile Solution

Created to replace the widely used SICK IN3000 sensors with an improved position monitoring performance range of up to 15mm, the SICK IME2S Sensor uses two self-monitoring OSSD outputs for consistent reliable signalling to actuators and safety control systems, complying with Category 2, PL d, and SIL2. Available in a choice of three cylindrical housings, the IME2S offers a range of mountings for wide-ranging compatibility with new machinery or for retrofitting existing installations.

IME2S Cylindrical Sensor Features
• M12, M18, M30, threaded cylindrical body
• No blind zones
• Increased response range – 4 mm to 15 mm
• Two OSSD safety outputs
• IP67 Enclosure rating
• Temperature range -25 °C to +70 °C
• Nickel-plated brass housing, Vistal plastic sensing face
• Up to performance level PL d (EN ISO 13849)
• Connection variants: M12 male connector, cable or cable with M12 male connector

Position monitoring proximity sensors

• High-machine availability due to low susceptibility to dirt and moisture
• Long product service life due to low-wear and low-maintenance
• Easy integration-Sensors can be mounted to save space thanks to their compact design and no need for a separate actuator
• Fast diagnostics via LED status indicator
• High-reliability and precise switching behaviour due to proven ASIC technology
• Safe, direct connection to a safe control solution by means of OSSDs
• Easy and flexible connection options thanks to variants with male connector, cable or cable with male connector

Greater Performance

Dr Martin Kidman, SICK’s UK product manager for machinery safety stated – ‘The SICK IME2S fulfils the increasing requirement for a safe non-contact inductive sensor in critical and hazardous locations, to complement the standard proximity sensors used in many automated processes and procedures. The two pulsed outputs of the IME2S offer greater performance consistency over single output sensors, with better failure detection. Frequently, proximity sensing is the best solution for inaccessible or tight spaces or in hostile environments, so high reliability and resistance to dirt and moisture are further key benefits in maintaining high machine availability.

The reliability and precise switching characteristics are ensured through SICK’s proven ASIC technology, and the twin OSSD outputs provide easy connection to safety control systems, including Flexi Loop. Sensor status and diagnostic messages are easily seen via on-board LED indicators. Reliable and dependable position monitoring in harsh environments has never been easier.

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