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By 2030 in the UK, the government has outlined plans to ensure that the sale of petrol and diesel cars are banned, meaning that all of the new cars constructed and sold in the UK will be ultra-low emission. This plan promises a rapid and vast expansion of the existing vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK that will obviously be needed to keep all these electric vehicles (EV) charged and mobile.

Plans include increasing the level of charge-points, with one every 20 miles along the strategic road network and charging points in all new homes and the retrofitting of lampposts with charging fixtures. There is certainly a vast amount of work to be carried out and all of those installations will depend on reliable and dependable electrical components to provide the power and protect the systems providing the electricity and of course the user.

Electric Vehicle charging station

IMO, a UK based global manufacturer of Industrial Control and Electronic Components have created a range of electrical system protection products that are ideally suited to the mammoth task at hand. This impressive range of IMO products, which are all available from Kempston Controls, are the ideal product solution for EV installers who are busy installing small domestic charge points to large commercial multiple charger installations. From the latest technology advanced RCDs specifically designed for use in EV applications to class leading surge protection devices IMO have created the perfect products for all those impending Electric Vehicle Charging installations.

Let’s have a look at some of the IMO EV installation range.


B6CR1N40-30-A – Type A Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over-current

RCBOWithin an EV Charging installation reliability matters and this Type A 10kA Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over-current protection (RCBO) has been cleverly designed to protect electrical installations from short circuits and overloads. Combining the functions of an MCB and an RCD providing all-round protection in a small form factor these RCBOs are ideal for use in EV charge points that have internal DC fault detection built in, manufactured in accordance with IEC 60898-1.

Type A RCBO Specification

  • Provides protection against earth fault and leakage current
  • Single pole + Neutral
  • Rated Current 40A, C Curve
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage 10kA
  • Compatible with IMO MCB accessories

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B10C1032A 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

Miniature BreakerWhen you need reliable electrical circuit protection in a compact package, this 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker helps protect valuable charging installation circuits and their users from dangerous over-current and short circuits. When using an MCB within an electrical circuit an RCD should be used in unison for added protection.

MCB Specification

  • Protection against over-current and short circuits
  • Single pole
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage 6.2kA
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity 4.5kA
  • Operating characteristic Type C
  • Rated current 32A

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All Metal Enclosures, DBM-04W and DBM-04WM

Electric Vehicle Component EnclosureTo house and protect your EV Charging Point installations electrical safety components you are going to need a robust and hard wearing enclosure that ensures your charging point and it’s electrical supply components are kept safe and operational. These durable IP20 rated enclosures have been designed to save space by keeping additional circuit protection devices external to the consumer unit.

Enclosure Specifications

  • Fully enclosed compact metal construction
  • 25mm circular cable entry knockouts
  • Integral 80mm DIN rail
  • IP20 rated
  • Dimensions 235x140x115mm – Model DBM-04W
  • Dimensions 175x110x90mm – Model DBM-04WM

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Residual Current Circuit Breakers, B10R2040-30-B and B10R4040-30-B

Electric Vehicle Residual Circuit Breakers

These Type B 10kA Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are the perfect addition to any EV charging installation, designed to offer protection against earth faults and leakage current. Versatile and dependable, the IMO Type B RCDs need to be used within EV charging installations when the charger circuit doesn’t have internal DC fault protection, covering all EV charging types regardless of any fault detection processes that may be built in. Offered in 1P+N and 3P+N versions, both with 30mA residual operating current they are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61008-1 & IEC 62423.

Type B RCD Specifications


Kempston Controls is the place to come to for all your IMO Electric Vehicle charging point installation components, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your EV installation requirements.

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