Baumer PL20 Level Sensor

Reliable Limit Detection without Parameterisation – Baumer CleverLevel PL20 Level Switches

Parameterisation is a thing of the past with the new CleverLevel PL20 level switches. Designed to adaptively adjust to any of the typical media you will find in industrial and hygienic applications. Whatever the media, liquid, paste-like, sticky or granular, the CleverLevel PL20 range of level sensors recognise them and self-adjust their parameters to suit, saving you setup time while maintaining a high degree of process safety, up-time and stability. IO-Link ready, these capable level sensors are easily integrated into Industry 4.0 Smart Factory installations.

Replace those vibrating forks the clever way

The CleverLevel PL20 range of level switches is the ideal solutions to the level sensing challenges faced by applications in the processing industry, from media detection in tubes and pipes to overfill protection of tanks and leakage detection. These adaptive sensors are the perfect universal level switch for all media.

With pasty materials, which can adhere to the sensor face, the CleverLevel Sensor continues to automatically adjust the switching level without the need for any manual setting-up and parameterisation.

With the built-in 360° multicolour LED switching state indicator, information about the state of the process is visible to the operator at all times. The sensors compact design and very short media immersion length compared to typical vibrating fork sensors mean they are minimally invasive, easy to clean and offer greater flexibility when installing.

Level Sensor PL20

Clever integration

Thanks to the 4 – 20 mA analogue signal, the sensors can differentiate between process media while the switching level is flexibly set, enabling the quick and easy integration of the sensor in already existing systems.

The flexibility and integration of the PL20 range of level sensors are enhanced by the large selection of process connections and adapters that are available. The IO-link interface supports both continuous communication for the simplified control and commissioning of the sensors.


CleverLevel PL20H and PL20S

  • Adaptive trigger
  • Problem solver for adhesive media
  • Two adjustable switching outputs
  • Analogue output provision
  • Suitable for use in open tanks
  • 360° visible multicolour LED
  • IO-Link interface
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including Food and Bev, automotive, industrial

Wide range of process connections:

PL20S Level Sensor Series

  • G 1/2A ISO 228-01
  • 1/2-14 NPT (N02)
  • G 1/2A Hygienic (A03)
  • G 1/2A DIN 3852-E (G51)

PL20H Level Sensor

  • G 1/2A Hygienic (A03)

Compliance and Approvals:

  • PL20S – FDA (21 CFR 177.2415)
  • PL20H – 3-A (74-07) (pending), EHEDG (pending), FDA (21 CFR 177.2415)


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