Hand-Held Hydraulic Punch Tool Power

Every panel builder knows the effort involved with producing a cut-out in a metal door panel that allows them to install push-buttons, emergency stops or analogue meters. Ultimately they end up drilling a pilot hole, then brandishing a power drill fitted with a hole saw of the specific diameter or perhaps a cone cutter, plough their way through the metal. This inevitably produces lots of vibration, noise, swarf, and results in a ragged hole that will require some serious deburring to allow for a tidy installation. The production of square, rectangular and specialist holes offers its challenges, of course, accurate measuring, maintaining straight lines with hand saws or jigsaws and then the deburring and clean up of waste debris. There has to be a better way, and there is… a punch tool, however…

Not all punch tools are created equal

Klauke, world-renowned experts in the design and manufacture of impressive tools and measuring equipment, has created the LS 50 Flex, a hand-held, battery-powered hydraulic punch tool with a fully rotatable head. This impressive power punch tool can quickly and easily form square, rectangular, circular holes and special-shaped apertures in a wide selection of materials with the minimum of fuss and with no additional processing beyond drilling the initial pilot hole. Ideal for operation in restricted environments, its ergonomic design and perfect balance helps reduce fatigue when working for long periods. There is also a handy white LED that helps to illuminate the working area should it be required.

The LS 50 Flex is not only one of the quickest and most portable hand-held punch tools on the market it is also fully rechargeable in 22 minutes and can also accept batteries utilised by the entire Klauke Greenlee hole forming and cable termination ranges. Install a fully charged battery and an LED will notify you when the punch tool is ready to operate and also when the battery is depleted. The tool shuts off if operated without a punch tool and also when the draw stud, spacer and punch isn’t installed correctly in the device, acting as a warning and to remind you to take up any slack in the punch fittings.

Simple Set-up

When you are ready to use the punch after drilling your pilot hole, simply install the drawbar fully into the tool head, small threaded end first, add the die, insert through the material, screw on the punch and press the trigger. The LS 50 Flex will automatically release when the desired hole has been punched, preventing any damage to the die, punch and the tool itself. As an additional safety feature the device can be manually retracted and also a lag stop interrupts the rate of advance immediately after releasing the control switch. The LS 50 Flex is compatible with a selection of Greenlee punch tools including the Speed Punch, Slug Splitter and the Slug Buster ranges.

To help you monitor the usage of the tool when defining processes and for operational data gathering the LS 50 Flex also features built-in Bluetooth communication, allowing you to store valuable processing operational statistics that can be used for future analysis.

Features breakdown:
  • High flexibility 360-degree rotating head
  • Integrated pressure sensor increases the service life of the tool
  • Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and fatigue-free operation
  • Energy-saving function with motor cut-out after a successful operation
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Manual retract as required
  • 22-minute recharge time
  • Data can be easily read via Bluetooth
punch tool in action
Maximum punching capacity:
  • Square punch size maximum – 104.8 x 104.8 mm
  • Round punch up to 144.1 mm
  • Compatible with Speed Punch, Slug Buster and Slug Splitter range punch sets
Technical Specifications:
  • Punching force 60 kN
  • Operating temperature range -15 to +40 degrees C
  • Battery – 18V, 2.0 Ah Li-Ion – Bosch or Makita
  • Dimensions 340 x 155 x 80 mm
  • Weight 2.1 kg


Buy Now!

Whether you are punching a round hole for a push-button, or an aperture for a Sub-miniature D-type plug, the LS 50 Flex is your ideal hole punching solution. At Kempston Controls we stock a comprehensive range of Klauke hand tools, tool kits, crimp dies and accessories covering all manner of applications, and even if we don’t have the item in stock that you are after we can certainly get it for you! Give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss all your hole punching requirements.



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