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Industrial Automation and Process Control has always been a hotbed for innovation and for the rapid development of new and exciting methods of manufacturing and the mechanisms used to control these installations. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a vital piece of the larger mechanisms at work in your modern industrial processing plant. The HMI portal enables the operator to quickly evaluate the status of the process at hand and allow them to easily and rapidly make adjustments without having to delve deep in to the mechanics and electronics running the process. From this valuable interface the entire system can be controlled and evaluated, repairs can be initiated before they become a serious issue, ultimately saving money with reductions in down-time, servicing costs etc.

To meet the demands of the growing world of HMI and with years of industrial experience behind them, Teknokol, based in Bursa, Turkey, have quickly established themselves as a leading manufacturer of HMI Support Arm and Control Panel Systems perfectly suited for Industrial Automation and Process Control applications.

Teknokol Support Arm Systems

control panel HMI support systems

Support Arm / Suspension Arm systems for HMI enclosures provide cost efficient, modular assembly and customisable solutions. These robust support arms and ancillary components are offered in 3 size ranges and technical specifications – the TK045 for lighter systems, TK060 for medium level installations and the more robust TK120 which can support loads of up to 120kg. These durable systems are broadly compatible, operator-friendly and reliable and are fully compatible with Teknokol Operator Control Panels and HMI enclosures.

Control Panel Systems

HMI panel systems

Control panels and Industrial PCs are fundamental for machines and production lines in todays modern manufacturing world. This capable range of Human Machine Interface enclosures have been designed for Support/Suspension Arm systems, Kiosks and VESA mounts installations. All of these enclosures are easily customisable and are designed to support products from world leading brands including Siemens, Omron, B&R, Beckhoff, Advantech and many more. These modular control panel systems have been designed for secure operation and have been ergonomically designed, offered in two enclosure series, the ECO line – ECO060, ECO090, ECO120, ECO150 and the TKP2000. Custom solutions for deeper enclosures from the ranges on offer are available.

Standard features include:
• IP65 protection
• Anodised aluminium colour
• RAL 7035 corner couplings and RAL 7016 corner covers
Custom-coloured couplings and covers are also available, as well as machining for LCD screens, buttons, switches etc.

Kiosk Systems

HMI kiosks

Teknokol’s experienced R&D team is constantly innovating to provide you with the perfect product solution with a range that includes four different Kiosk/Stand systems. These practical Stand Systems are modular, ergonomic, hardwearing and reliable, available in a range of cab styles.
• Designed for mobile system control, IP65 rated
• Standard cabinet size 700x800x300 mm (HxWxD)
• Reinforced polyurethane impact resistant feet
• Locking feet

Coupling Towers

control panel HMI coupling towers

Coupling towers are the perfect solution when a support arm and panel assembly cannot be attached to a machine or to an automation line safely. The large floor mounting plate featuring on these Coupling Towers helps deal with deflection which can occur during use. Both the 150 and 200 series of coupling towers are supplied in RAL 7035 colour.

Coupling Tower dimensions:
• 150×150 (LxW) and 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 metres in height
• 200×200 (LxW) mm, and 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 metres in height


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