A Free 5-year Warranty for your Commander C200 and C300 Motor Drives!

Control Techniques, a Nidec company, and a supplier partner of Kempston Controls, is a world-renowned leader in the design and manufacture of electronic variable speed drives that are used for the control of industrial and commercial electric motors the world over.

If you have recently purchased a Commander C200 or C300 general purpose motor drive from Kempston Controls, or are planning on buying one soon for your next installation or project, you need to take advantage of this fantastic new free offer from Control Techniques.

A Free Five-Year Warranty!

Anyone who purchases a drive from the Commander C200 and C300 ranges will now be able to extend their product’s warranty from 2 years to 5 years, for free!

With this free 5-year extended warranty Control Techniques are cementing their confidence in the Commander C200 and C300 range of motor drives, ensuring their customers have the reliability and dependability they need for fault-free motor control for years to come.

Anthony Pickering, president of Control Techniques said recently: “To increase the warranty period for our Commander range signals our confidence in the product and gives drive users added security. We are particularly proud to be in a position where we can offer this.”

Commander C200 and C300 Motor Drives

Resilience in Harsh Environments

The Commander family of drives was reintroduced to the company’s portfolio at the end of 2018, noted for their robust design and resilience to harsh environments, the Commander range has the smallest footprint in its class, making it is ideal for machine and original equipment manufacturers.

With an on-board PLC, the Commander C200 and C300 series have embedded intelligence which removes the need for an external controller. Powerful and capable, their 0.25kW to 132kW power range ensures the Commander series of motor drives are perfect for a range of lower and high-power applications.  For more complex installations, both of the C200 and C300 Commander series is compatible with Control Techniques extensive range of plug-in option modules.

Commander C200 and C300 Motor Drives

How to Qualify

To qualify for the free 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, you need to ensure that you register your drive within 6 months from the date of purchase. Failure to register within the specified time period will mean that your drive will only benefit from the warranty given to you by the distributor.

To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and register your product follow this link:

This offer is subject to Control Techniques terms and conditions. For more information, visit

Kempston Controls, as Control Techniques supplier partner, has access to their entire product portfolio. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your motor controller requirements.


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