Are you SIRIUS about Spring-Loaded Terminal Technology?


In today’s world, everything seems to be getting faster, from fibre broadband to high-speed trains, speed is certainly of the essence in today’s modern world whatever aspect you venture into. With the ever-increasing trend towards digitalisation in seemingly all aspects of life, it comes as no surprise that huge pressure is being felt within the industrial environment too. What are the mechanisms and technology that can be used for controlling motors and process control systems and beyond that can keep pace with the rest of the world?

It stands to reason that to be competitive within today’s modern industry then fast and efficient fault-free control panel assembly that can withstand the vigorous and frenetic activities of the working environment is a necessity.

Siemens SIRIUS: They’re Modular, with Benefits

Whether you are reversing a motor starter or building an infeed system, the Siemens SIRIUS range of modular low voltage products, available from Kempston Controls, is the ideal solution to the ever-accelerating world of modern industry. The SIRIUS modular system provides the most comprehensive switching device portfolio currently available in the marketplace, exceeding 50k tested and approved control set-up combinations.

Whatever your intended application, perhaps silo filling, controlling a water supply or making your existing process more efficient, the innovations available within the Siemens SIRIUS product range will satisfy all of your demanding requirements. The benefits of this modular system are simple, everything easily fits together easily and quickly, speeding up your processes and saving you space, time and money.

But, there’s more than just this modular systems ability to fit together easily…

It’s all about Spring-Loaded Connection Technology!

The traditional method of cable termination within your average control panel consists of a multitude of screw terminals housed in various functional control devices and depending on the size of an installation, there could be hundreds of such connections. This is where the SIRIUS spring-loaded terminal range comes into its element, now you don’t need to waste time tightening and loosening terminal screws to assemble or disassemble elements of your control panel. Simply insert a screwdriver to release the spring-loaded terminal mechanism place your stripped wire into the spring clamp and remove the screwdriver. Job done! There is no need to terminate the conductor with a bootlace ferrule or other such terminal. As an added element to the advantages of this assembly process when tightening screw-terminals the torque applied is dependent on the installer, that activity and the potential error in applying an adequate torque are eliminated with the use of SIRIUS spring-loaded terminal (also known as cage-clamp) technology.

 SIRIUS Spring-Loaded Terminal Technology Features

  • Accelerate your control panel assembly time with simple ‘click and go’ technology
  • Modular space saving design – the SIRIUS range fits together seamlessly
  • Covers a multitude of applications
  • Reduced service and downtime and maintenance costs
  • Compliant with all current global standards
  • Vibration resistant and certified to the same standard as screw terminals
  • No need for ferrules or crimp terminals – saving even more time and money

 Functional Diversity

Whatever your intended control panel purpose the Siemens SIRIUS spring-loaded range covers all of the possible applications you will need for protecting, switching and starting and monitoring motors from the most basic designs to the most complex, and more. The SIRIUS range offers the highest performance-to-size ratio of any similar technology that is available in the market today, saving valuable control panel space and of course, that all important and costly time aspect, just click and go!

The SIRIUS spring-loaded low voltage range doesn’t encompass the entire SIRIUS offer and the more traditional screw terminal technology covers those areas where spring-loaded terminals are not provided or recommended.

Please call or email our technical helpdesk for further details: +44 (0) 1933 411411 –

ACT on the Human Interface

When we consider the motor starters, load feeders, contactors, thermal overload relays and other such equipment that can reside within a control panel, saving build, installation and maintenance time are an obvious concern. But just how much attention is paid to the interface presented to the operator? They are just pushbuttons aren’t they…right? They may well be, but there are pushbuttons and then there is the SIRIUS ACT range of pushbutton actuators!

SIRIUS ACT Actuators and Pushbutton Features

  • Unique modular snap-together system, rapid and easy to install and service
  • Available in four designs with multiple actuator types
  • Available with spring-loaded technology
  • Huge range of pushbutton heads: illuminated to key-switched and more
  • Tough and durable IP69K rated and complaint to a whole host of standards

Modular in design, with a simple ‘Snap-system’ that has been created to provide rapid and simple installation and servicing, available in four designs and certified to IP69K the SIRIUS ACT pushbutton range is the perfect addition to your machine design.  A comprehensive offering of multiple actuators and indicators, momentary, latching, key-operated release and more and supported by a massive array of switch head types.

There is a pushbutton for every application imaginable created to improve both the functionality of your design, its appearance and the way it is installed, serviced and maintained.


Kempston Controls is committed to finding you the ideal solution for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at, or alternatively contact us here, we will be happy to help.

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