Surge Protection – Choosing the Right Device

Surge protection is paramount if you want to safeguard your personnel and process control and automation machinery and equipment. Which SPDs do you need?

IET Wiring Regulations – are You Meeting the New Standard?

In January 2019, the latest edition of the BS7671 18th IET Wiring Regulations came into effect. Containing updates for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment from dangerous overvoltage surges.

Protect your Valuable Equipment from Transient Voltages with CITEL

To cater for the changes to the 18th Edition IET and how society is embracing more and more technology, Kempston Controls has a fantastic range of Type 2 and Type 3 Surge Protection Devices from CITEL.



Several technologies exist on the market for surge protection or power network. These include Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), Air Gap + Trigger & MOV + Gas-filled Spark Gap (GSG).