Made in Britain Mark

Kempston Controls Manufacturing celebrates being granted Made in Britain membership

Kempston Controls Manufacturing has been accredited as a member of Made in Britain. Kempston Controls Manufacturing’s adoption of the official, protected mark will help buyers recognise its products as good quality, great value and British-made.

The mark also lets customers know that Kempston Controls Manufacturing is a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices. Consumers are increasingly recognising the Made in Britain mark as a mark of confidence.

The ‘Made in Britain’ organisation brings with it the pride it implies, from a time when British products were revered the world over, we want this traditional way of thinking to continue and make people proud to purchase these products which in turn support the local economy and see it flourish.

John Pearce, chief executive of Made in Britain said: “We’re delighted that Kempston Controls Manufacturing has joined the community of more than 1200 British manufacturers. The more the mark is used and seen, the more it is recognised as a mark of quality. In addition to getting access to the official protected mark, Kempston Controls Manufacturing will also start to enjoy the many other benefits membership to Made in Britain brings, including support in sales, marketing, PR/comms and export. We look forward to watching Kempston Controls Manufacturing grow with our help and support.”

View our Made In Britain profile here.

Learn more about MEM here.

Learn more about our acquisition of MEM here.

Bürkert Distributor

Kempston Controls becomes Midlands distributor for Bürkert valves

Electrical component distributor, Kempston Controls, has become Bürkert’s official distributor for the Midlands region. Based in Northamptonshire, Kempston Controls now supplies end-users across the region with Bürkert’s range of process valves and flow control components. The main sectors of coverage include food & beverage as well as hygienic applications.

The new agreement means that Kempston Controls will supply a range of Bürkert products including process and control valves as well as solenoid valves. The distributor will also stock Bürkert’s range of WRAS-approved material valves to demonstrate UK regulations compliance of water fittings that transfer water to and from the public mains supply. Kempston Controls will stock Bürkert products on-site and also provide 24/7 cover to support customers out-of-hours.

As a distributor, Kempston Controls will receive expert project support from Bürkert to optimize the design, implementation and commissioning of customers’ process control projects. This includes technology such as Bürkert’s FLOWave volumetric flow meter for high accuracy measurement of pharmaceutical-grade water and ultra-pure media applications.

Kempston Controls will also have access to food & beverage solutions such as the tank blanketing system that enables the automated control of pressure and atmosphere inside a tank. The solution is deployed in applications such as brewery buffer tanks to maintain the desired conditions and prevent bacterial growth.

Having been a reseller of Bürkert products for several years, the formalised distribution agreement will enable Kempston Controls to expand its presence in the process sector. Thomas Steele, Midlands Area Sales Manager at Bürkert explains: “The agreement increases the support Bürkert can provide to customers in the Midlands with greater speed and availability of valves and associated process control components. It also enables our system design engineers to be more involved in projects, particularly within the food & beverage sector and hygienic applications.”

“Significant growth for Kempston Controls is taking place within the process sector and we’re serving an increasing amount of customer projects. For our customers, Bürkert’s support means very high-quality valves with rapid availability,” says Kempston Controls’ Sandeep Sarpal, Commercial Manager of the company’s Process Division.

“Bürkert’s backing also means support for process system design and Kempston Controls can directly integrate with the company’s flow control engineers. Our future growth plan is to offer a complete solution from design through to field support, and this agreement is the start of that,” Sandeep adds.

MEM Acquired By Kempston Controls

Kempston Controls Completes Acquisition of MEM from Eaton Electrical

Kempston Controls is pleased to announce a classic British brand will return to UK ownership with our acquisition of MEM (Midland Electrical Manufacturing). The deal, completed on the 1st December 2021 includes Eaton’s MEM MEMSHIELD 1 & 2 and Cranes range. The aim is to continue MEM’s history of innovation by developing, manufacturing, and selling these dependable product ranges for years to come.

Richard Regan, Group Managing Director of Kempston Controls, said: “This is a great acquisition for Kempston Controls & we’re very excited to continue the development of MEM as a leading UK manufacturer.”

About MEM (Midland Electrical Manufacturing)

Founded in Birmingham 1908 by Walter Barber, MEM initially found success designing and manufacturing switch & fuse gear and in 1927 began to produce products such as the ‘Ironclad’ switch range and fuse gear to meet the demands of a rapidly modernising industry.

Constantly innovating, MEM was one of the first companies to introduce cartridge fuses, and by the early 1960s, their range of products included switches, fuses, motor control gear, electric fires, and convectors. In the early 60s, MEM opened a new factory in Holyhead, Anglesey, and announced their first range of Miniature Circuit Breakers, a product line that they would become famous for.

In 1971, Delta Metal Co. acquired MEM and consolidated several divisions under the MEM brand, during the early noughties the electrical division of Delta, including MEM, was acquired by the Eaton Corporation who continued with the company’s tradition of providing world-leading products.

Going Forward

With the support of Kempston Controls’ technical department and sales teams, MEM will continue to innovate, manufacture, and sell products for many years to come, catering to the needs of an ever-growing industrial and commercial marketplace that demands quality products at the best possible price.

The acquisition of MEM creates Kempston Controls (Manufacturing), a new division in the Midland Automation Group that will focus on the development of new & innovative products.

Learn More About MEM Learn More About Cranes

Black Friday Header

Why we don’t do Black Friday sales

With Black Friday a few days away & Cyber Monday a few days later, we won’t be having a sale on either day.

Each year we see more and more brands taking advantage of the event, with most turning it from a single day to a full week of discounts and sales. But trust us, despite the flood of emails that you’ll get, 99% of the “deals” aren’t worth it.

So, no, this year we won’t be creating deals that create the illusion of savings to trick you into buying.

But why?

  1. With Kempston Controls, you get the best price on the day, any day.

Here at Kempston Controls you, our customers, are at the heart of everything we do and with that in mind, we want to offer you the best deal all year round. The nature of our business is so varying that you could be buying for a new project, or simply replacing a part – you can’t decide when a part will break down, so why should we decide when you can get the best price we can offer.

  1. We’re not out there to trick you.

A WHICH review in 2019 found that 85% of prices were the same price or cheaper before Black Friday1. The last thing we want to do is say that all brands are doing the same things, but it would go against our brand values to undermine you, our customers, like that. You can shop with us all 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the confidence that you’re getting the best price we can offer.

  1. Staff Burnout

Our last reason actually isn’t to do with our customers, it’s to do with us. The amount of pressure that a large sale event like Black Friday creates is astonishing! From the creative teams piecing together the marketing jigsaw to the IT teams preparing and maintaining the systems all the way to the guys on the front line processing your orders and queries non-stop – it’s honestly exhausting.

So, to take a massive weight off of the team’s shoulders, Black Friday once again won’t feature in the Kempston Controls ecosystem.

Is there an alternative?

Now don’t worry, all our products and services are still available all day, every day and we’ll still offer you the best price we can. Our friendly team is around to answer all your questions and our website is available so you can access live-stock 24/7.

But in case you’re looking for another way to view Black Friday, take a look at Giving Tuesday where you can donate money for a purpose, not just spend money on more junk.



Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified!

Here at Kempston Controls, we’re committed to ensuring our staff and customers are safe when using our services. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers the best shopping experience and a big part of that is ensuring our data and systems are secure and private. We’re delighted to announce that we are certified by the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Programme.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported certification that demonstrates that a company is secure when it comes to digital threats. Launched in 2014, the scheme was developed by the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF).

Cyber Essentials Certified

The five areas that Cyber-Essentials is focused on:

  • Correct and appropriate management of firewalls and internet gateways to provide safe internet access
  • The secure configuration of devices/software used within the organisation
  • Robust access control to data and services
  • Advanced and well-structured processes for malware and virus protection
  • Well-structured patch management to ensure ongoing commitment to security

We are exceptionally proud of our new certification and are pleased to provide our customers with another reason to trust us and the services we provide.

As always, we are continually looking for ways to improve our offering with Cyber Essentials proving that we are readily available for the growing and ever-changing digital world.

Kempston Controls is a leading distributor of electrical process control and automation products and electronic components with a world-leading reputation for stock, service, competitive pricing, and next-day delivery. Our diverse product portfolio includes; proximity and motion sensors, humidity and temperature sensor data loggers, fuses, light curtains, electrical connectors, actuators, safety relays, panel meters, emergency stops, and much more.

Series UC18GS with IO-Link

Pepperl+Fuch UC18GS Series with IO-Link: State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Sensors

Pepperl+Fuch’s new UC18GS series of ultrasonic sensors combine the advantages of ultrasonic technology with powerful features to create a solution that pushes the technological boundaries to meet virtually any application challenge.

Flexible and future-proof, the UC18GS is well equipped to tick all imaginable boxes and combines everything you would expect from a standard ultrasonic sensor with modern technology. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this compact sensor is up for any task and can adapt to any environment, program or setting.

UC18GS with IO-Link

UC18GS with IO-Link Top Highlights

  • Adjustable sound beam width
  • Interference target suppression
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Small dead bands
  • IO-Link for easy setup
  • Extensive programming options

View the Range

UC18GS Series: one compact sensor, a multitude of applications

Using modern technological capabilities, the UC18GS series will optimise your application. With functionalities such as interference target suppression, adjustable sound beam width, automatic synchronisation, small dead bands, IO-Link, infrared interface, and push buttons, the UC18GS series offers an unparalleled range of features and adjustment options all in a single device.

UC18GS series: Interference Target Suppression

Interference Target Suppression

With built-in interference target suppression, the UC18GS ultrasonic sensor range adapts to the application settings to optimise and increase process reliability. The intelligent suppression is capable of detecting precisely even if a suppressed component is in the target range.  What’s more, any possible interference from other machine parts can easily be suppressed using the integrated software without affecting everyday use.

UC18GS series: Adjustable Sound Beam Width

Adjustable Sound Beam Width

Thanks to the small dead band and adjustable sound beam width, the UC18GS ultrasonic sensor is able to perform without faults in a range of applications. To ensure precise and accurate measurements, the sound beam can be adjusted and narrowed without affecting the range. Perfect for installation to your existing application!

UC18GS series: Automatic Synchronisation

Automatic Synchronisation

Often when using several sensors in close proximity they interfere with each other; this, however, is no problem for the UC18GS series. Equipped with an automatic synchronisation feature, the UC18GS range can easily sync with multiple sensors without parameterisation. Using their synchronisation input up to 10 sensors can be synchronised together. The UC18GS range has 3 different synchronisation modes: common, multiplex or externally triggered.

Extensive Programming Options

Extensive Programming Options

Whether it’s traditional pushbuttons or interfaces like IO-Link or IrDA, the UC18GS range of ultrasonic sensors gives the user a wide range of programming choices. While IrDA interfaces can provide live data access for maintenance or analysis purposes, IO-Link provides easy setup and allows detailed configuration for any application. The output configuration, as well as the sound beam width can be set directly on the sensor using the programming buttons.

In addition, the IO-Link interface allows for seamless integration into Industry 4.0 applications.

Series UC18GS: One Technology—Limitless Versatility

No two applications are the same with each providing its own unique demands on a sensor. Designed to be highly robust and technologically advanced, the UC18GS is perfect for complex tasks in any environment, whether that’s the detection and identification of objects or filling levels.

Adaptable Level Measurement in Confined Spaces

The UC18GS series can reliably detect the fill level of liquids and granules, regardless of colour or other physical properties. With the adjustable cone-shaped sound beam width, even a small opening in the tank cap is suitable for installation.

In the case of irregular or moving surfaces, the sensor determines an average value and thus indicates the actual level —instead of a potentially distorted punctual value. Objects such as support struts in the measuring field are suppressed by software (PACTware) to reduce interference and to return precise results. Regardless of the sound beam radius, the range of the UC16GS series is not affected and the level is always reliably detected.

Fail-Safe Bottle Detection in Filling Machines

Ideal for reliably detecting the presence of bottles in the end positions on a production line, the UC18GS series can detect an object with varying contours and position deviations. Instead of taking a point-by-point measurement, the sound beam hits the surface of the container over a wide area making its shape, colour and texture irrelevant. The physical buttons on the UC18GS series mean the output configuration and the sound beam radius can be set with ease.

With the IO-Link interface, comprehensive parameters can be set via the controller without physical access to the sensor. This leads to faster commissioning time and removes the need for re-parameterisation if the sensor needs to be changed.

Kempston Controls is the place to come to for all your sensing needs. With access to Pepperl+Fuchs’ entire product portfolio, our expert sales and technical teams are here to help you choose the perfect sensor for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email us at to discuss your sensor requirements.

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