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Kempston Controls Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

After publishing 65 posts this year, we’ve decided to take this time to reflect and round-up our most popular articles this year. Here are our top ten blog posts from 2019:

10. PROTECT PSC1 Safety Controllers – Total Control

By Rick Morgan – 21 October

The multifunctional PROTECT PSC1 safety controllers from Schmersal consists of a range of very capable freely programmable compact safety controllers with an impressive offering of I/O extension modules ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial safety and control applications. Consisting of two comprehensive families, the PCS1-C-10 and the PSC1-C-100, these capable safety controllers can cover all your potential industrial signal processing and control requirements.

9. Important Update Concerning SICK Automation and Control Product Availability from Kempston Controls.

By Rick Morgan – 25 February

SICK, one of the World’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automation and control products will be staging a phased removal of a number of ranges of their existing product portfolio during the Spring and Summer of 2019.

8. Switching Power – Craig & Derricott Automatic Transfer Switch Range

By Rick Morgan – 24 September

The Automatic Transfer Switch Range from Craig & Derricott is the perfect choice when you need to ensure that your power network is protected from outages.

7. Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors

By Rick Morgan – 27 August

Inductive Proximity Sensors are an essential addition to countless process automation and control installations in all manner of industries. Designed to ensure that your process, whatever it may be, from a heavy industrial robotic welding installation to managing warehouse conveyor systems performs the best it can at all times. Whatever your flavour of Inductive Proximity Sensor, from the toughest to the economical Kempston Controls has just what you need. Here, we get up-close and personal with our Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors.

6. Industry 4.0 – the Digital Backbone of Modern Manufacturing

By Rick Morgan – 29 April 2019

Industry 4.0 is known as the fourth industrial revolution, changing the way we manufacture an ever-increasing spectrum of products all thanks to the digitisation of the mechanism involved in their creation. The change is rapidly growing pace, due in part to increased demand for newer smarter products and with leaps in innovations in the manufacturing industry.

5. PRC Series Circular Connectors – A New Angle on Connectivity

By Rick Morgan – 19 August

When it comes to industrial connectors, the PRC Series of circular connectors from Phoenix Contact has been designed to enable robust, reliable and stable cable-to-cable connections that demand precision real estate management in a multitude of installations from industrial and outdoor to commercial buildings. Incorporating weatherproof materials in their construction and with an impressive IP69K rating, the PRC series of connectors are capable of high current transmission even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

4. Lighting Up Danger with ATEX Flashlights

By Joe Shipton – 29 October 2019

Kempston Controls is pleased to announce that we now offer a range of intrinsically safe flashlights ideal for hazardous areas from ecom – a Pepperl+Fuchs Brand.

3. IO-Link? Bi-directional Data Exchange? What’s that?

By Rick Morgan – 10 June 2019

IO-Link is an industrial communication network standard (IEC61131-9) that allows the easy extraction of data from process control and automation sensors that support the IO-Link protocol and are connected to a device master. IO-Link is the first globally standardised IO-technology that has been designed to allow communication from the primary controller down to a basic automation level.

2. Are you SIRIUS about Spring-Loaded Terminal Technology?

By Rick Morgan – 1 March 2019

Whether you are reversing a motor starter or building an infeed system, the Siemens SIRIUS range of modular low voltage products, available from Kempston Controls, is the ideal solution to the ever-accelerating world of modern industry. The SIRIUS modular system provides the most comprehensive switching device portfolio currently available in the marketplace, exceeding 50k tested and approved control set-up combinations.

1. Safety Handle Revolutionised with the new Pizzato P-KUBE Krome

By Rick Morgan – 13 June 2019

A revolutionary new product from Pizzato, the P-KUBE Krome series combines the functionality and characteristics of your typical enclosure safety handle, but with an ergonomic rounded grip, illuminated control button and unique customisable LED notification functionality. The multitude of signalling illumination options available (on the illuminated White P-KUBE Krome version) gives the end-user the added security of the safety guards status or any other processing condition.

Honourable Mentions outside of the Top Ten:

Our favourites from this year:

“I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling Data Loggers” Next level Data Logging.

By Mark Jansen – 31 October

With it being Halloween, we were struck by a Ghost Hunting project that we recently read about that has taken place at Motley County Jail, in Matador, Texas.

Ultra-Low Emissions. Will you be Leading the Charge When it Comes to Electric Vehicle Supply Networks?

By Rick Morgan – 8 April

In 2018 the UK Government launched its Road to Zero strategy, with ambitious targets of at least 50% and as many as 70% of new cars constructed to be ultra-low emissions by 2030 and by 2050 they want almost every car and van to be zero-emission. Outlined in the Government document, The Road to Zero, the plan promises a huge expansion of the vehicle charging infrastructure that will be needed to keep these electric vehicles moving efficiently. Plans are afoot to increase the level of charge-points, with one every 20 miles along the strategic road network by 2020, along with charging points in all new homes and the retrofitting of lampposts with charging fixtures.

Thank you for supporting our blog posts this year and we hope you enjoyed this top ten round-up. We look forward to bringing you more industry news and insights in 2020!

Carlsberg and CleverLevel

Case Study: Carlsberg’s Clever(Level) Overflow Switch

Heavy build-up of foam in the excess yeast tanks at Carlsberg

In 2018, The Drinks Business reported that on average Britons will consume six billion units of alcohol over the festive period. With this in mind and Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at how the Baumer CleverLevel Overflow Switch, available from Kempston Controls, helps in the process of fermentation.

When it comes to fermentation, yeast is an essential ingredient yet it can also be very problematic. Recently, Baumer helped the Carlsberg brewery solve a problem with leftover yeast from the fermentation process using the CleverLevel Level Overflow Switch.

Carlsberg and Baumer’s have been working together to provide solutions and instrumentation for over a decade, beginning with the productions lines in Copenhagen and continuing in their new home in Fredericia, Denmark. From Fredericia, Carlsberg operates one of the largest breweries in the world with 2.2 million hectolitres of beer being produced annually and 120 million beers being sold globally.

What is Fermentation?

The process of fermentation is when the yeast converts the glucose in the wort (a mixture of sugars) to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas which gives the beer its alcohol content and its carbonation. After 4 to 6 days when the fermentation is nearly complete the majority of the yeast has settled at the bottom of the fermentation tank. This excess yeast is then removed and reused for future fermentation processes before filling an excess yeast tank and then being sold as animal feed. It was in this final stage of filling the excess yeast tanks that Carlsberg experienced overflow problems due to the heavy build-up of foam which was preventing the traditional vibrating fork sensory technology from being triggered.

Solution? Cleverlevel from Baumer

CleverLevel level detection switches use frequency sweep technology to detect the filling level and are ideal for any media, whether it’s wet, dry, sticky or in this case foam, whereas the traditional vibrating fork simply can’t recognise the range and condition of media. Maintenance-free, due to the minimal installation depth and the self-draining sensor tip, the Cleverlevel also meets 3A and EHEDG standards. It can be configured visually and easily via the dedicated software and the FlexProgrammer.

The switching range can be adjusted to ignore foams during maximum or minimum monitoring. Using the same function, CleverLevel can also be used when the level switch is supposed to ignore adhesive substances, for example: if a tank is empty, but the sensor and tank wall are covered with excess media the sensor will still function correctly.

CleverLevel – Level switch LFFS/LBFS and configuration tool FlexProgrammer

In comparison to using traditional vibrating fork level sensors where individual versions are needed for dry, wet and sticky media the CleverLevel can be used for the entire process: from when the barley arrives in the storage tanks to the finished beer.

Since using CleverLevel, Carlsberg has completely eliminated their problem with overflows in excess yeast tanks but have also seen other benefits. With no overflows, Carlsberg has become more environmentally friendly, as left-over yeast is not entering the sewage system while also saving money and optimising the fermentation process.

Now that calls for a Carlsberg! Probably!

Kempston Controls, as an official distributor for Baumer products, are the people to speak to about your CleverLevel Sensor requirements, call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or emails us at and we will everything we can to help you find the correct Baumer CleverLevel product to suit your process requirements.

Further Reading: The Clever(Level) Alternative to the Vibrating Fork

View the Range Here.

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Fuses – A Closer Look #3

The final part in the series of a close look at fuses concludes.


A Safe Installation – Fuse Holders

Fuse-holders for UK industrial and commercial applications are designed to meet the requirements of BS HD 60269-2/BS 88-2. The fuse holders normally consist of a separate base and a carrier with the base containing the main incoming and outgoing cable terminals and the carrier holding the fuse-link. Cable terminals are shrouded and the base and carrier mouldings are designed to prevent finger contact with live parts as the fuse-link is withdrawn.

Fuse holders are a popular method of using fuse-links in industrial environments.

Main versions include:
  • BS HD 60269-2/BS 88-2 fuse system E for use with bolted tag type fuse-links up to 400A
  • BS HD 60269-2/BS 88-2 fuse system G for use with clip-in offset blade tag fuse-links up to 63A

BS EN 60269-1/BS 88-1 outlines 3 states of the fuse that need to be considered when protecting personnel against potential electric shocks.

  • When the fuse is mounted and fully installed with the fuse-base, fuse, carrier and enclosure forming part of the fuse
  • During the replacement of the fuse
  • When the fuse-link and if applicable, the fuse carrier is removed

The two fuse holder versions mentioned above are IP2X rated in all of the outlined states.

Fuse holders feature a variety of different termination options, the most common ones you will find are:

  • Front/Front – cable termination points are at the top and bottom of the fuse base
  • Back Stud – cable termination is via two threaded studs on the rear of the fuse base
  • Front/Back Stud – a combination of the two above
  • Front/Busbar – top or bottom cable entry at one end and a special terminal block for busbar connection at the opposing end


More Fuse Holders

holders for fuses

CAMaster is a fully shrouded HRC fuse holder that features a unique cam-action that allows you to both mount the fuse with the correctly applied contact pressure and to unmount it safely.  Other options include Red Spot fuse holders, that feature finger-safe functionality for BS 88 HRC industrial fuses in ratings up to 400 Amps.

View our CAMaster Fuseholders

When several fuse holders are mounted onto a rear fixing rail and all of their incoming terminals are connected together by a common busbar are known as fuse banks. Similarly, distribution fuse boards are a step above and typically contain, fuse banks, incoming main terminals, earth and neutral bars and side rails and are contained within an enclosure.


The Domestic Scene – BS1362 Plug-Top Fuses

BS 1362 fuses are strikingly familiar to most people resident in the UK, these fuses are the domestic type you will find inside a standard British appliance plug and for sale in the local hardware store. Available in a range of Amperage ratings including 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 13 Amps.

fuses in a standard plug

Domestic appliances in the UK use a fused plug which must be fitted with a BS 1362 fuse. The use of the BS 1363 plug and socket system and the required fitting of a BS 1362 plug fuse is a legal requirement under the UK Plug and Socket Safety Regulations of 1995. The cable connected to equipment via a correctly fused BS 1363 plug is always fully protected against the effects of short circuits or overloads as follows:

  • 3A fuse protects 0.5mm² or larger cables
  • 7A fuse protects 0.75mm² or larger cables
  • 13A fuse protects 1.25mm2 or larger cables

Ultimately, the protection against damage by a short circuit is achieved even if a smaller cable size is inadvertently protected by a 13A fuse. In the UK, it is accepted that some marginal damage to small flexible cables is tolerable under short circuit conditions.

The use of BS 1362 fuses to protect flexible cords or cables from overload conditions and from faults including; short circuits, earth faults and overcurrents have been essential in the UK for many years. This system is the only one to offer total protection of flexible cables in this particular way.

View our Range


Kempston Controls is one of the UK’s leading distributors of electrical and electronic components and are a one-stop-shop for all your industrial automation process and control equipment. We stock a comprehensive range of fuses suitable for all industrial, commercial and domestic applications, give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or alternatively email to discuss your BS 88, Medium Voltage fuses and BS1362 fuse requirements.

Don’t forget to read parts #1 and part #2!


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Panasonic LP-Z and LP-M

Laser Marking Systems: Make Your Mark

Modern production demands are changing at a rapid rate due to the growing complexity of applications and the level of necessary documentation of the whole process. The use of Laser Marking Systems to create machine-readable codes such as QR or DMC codes has already become the standard.

Panasonic, industry leaders for more than 20 years, delivers 1st class products and service to their customers in a wide range of industries. Kempston Controls, as a brand partner have the opportunity to supply customers with the innovation, reliability and quality that Panasonic offers. For more information on how Kempston Controls and Panasonic can meet your requirements call our team on 01933 411411 or email us at

LP-M Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking Systems: LP-M Series

Standing out for its high speed and 3D marking the LP-M series gives the user complex shapes without compromising the quality of any of the marking area. Ideal for a wide range of applications such as connecting rods, engraving and crankshafts. The 50W output allows rapid and deep markings on the metal.

Using Panasonic’s 3D software, the product being marked can first be rendered in 3D to immediately see whether the marking is fit for purpose, which increases the production efficiency and simultaneously reduces costs.


Deep marking or high-speed marking

The depth of the engraving and the applied speed can be coordinated exactly. The larger the energy amount sent to the work-piece, the faster or deeper the marking. Cycle time reduction greatly enhances productivity and reduces costs

Innovative dual protective enclosure

The LP-M series has been designed to withstand harsh environments containing dust and water. It was our intention to make the laser head fan-less and to protect it using an innovative IP64-compliant double protective housing.

Powerful z-axis control

The z-axis control enables markings on oblique, spherical or cylindrical shapes. Even with height differences of up to 44 mm, the stable laser beam diameter marks in excellent quality.

Automatic distance measuring

Customers no longer need to position the work-piece exactly for marking as the displacement sensor detects the product reliably and ensures stable marking quality.

Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod
Surface Cleaning
Surface Cleaning
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Block

Kempston Controls has access to the entire Panasonic LP-M Series so whatever your requirements get in touch using one of the methods below where a member of our team will happily discuss your specific requirements.
Call: 01933 411411
Contact Form: Contact Kempston Controls

Download the LP-M factsheet here.

LP-Z Laser Marking Systems

FAYb Laser Marking Systems LP-Z

Designed for marking complex 3D metal and plastic surfaces

Equipped with 3D functionality the LP-7 range is ideal for marking complex surfaces. The focus is adjusted automatically which guarantees the energy density of the beam is stable. The integrated z-axis control allows for the marking of oblique, convex and concave surfaces increasing the LP-Z’s usability.

The LP-Z series is equipped with an encoder interface for marking objects whilst moving down an automated production line. With standard features such as Data Matrix code, various barcodes and expiration dates supplied as standard, the LP-Z is well equipped for a multitude of applications.


25W fibre laser with selectable pulse width

The high output power not only increases efficiency but also makes it easier to create deep and black markings of metals. Moreover, heat is simply dissipated, eliminating the need for hooking up and maintaining water-cooling systems.

Precise marking and improved productivity

With a marking field of 330 mm x 330 mm, the LP-Z series enhances productivity by increasing the range of products that can be marked. Thanks to the integrated z-axis control, the system guarantees the ability to mark complex shapes without compromising the quality.

Marking of oblique, convex and concave surfaces

The z-axis control allows for the marking of oblique, convex and concave surfaces in an area of 50 mm (±25 mm). Inside the marking field, the spot size remains stable to ensure consistent, high-quality marking. To productivity, the LP-Z series has the ability to mark two facing surfaces in one step if the laser head or the product is mounted at a certain angle.

Carbonisation of light resin enclosures
Connecting Rod
Screw terminal

Marking enclosures

Surface Cleaning
Removable suspension point for falling protection systems
Cylinder Block

Kempston Controls has access to the entire Panasonic LP-Z Series so whatever your requirements get in touch using one of the methods below where a member of our team will happily discuss your specific requirements.
Call: 01933 411411
Contact Form: Contact Kempston Controls

Download the LP-Z factsheet here.

Kempston Controls as a brand partner have the opportunity to supply customers with the innovation, reliability and quality that Panasonic offers. For more information on how Kempston Controls and Panasonic can meet your requirements call our team on 01933 411411 or email us at

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